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Stay away from sweet treats, junk food, sodas and processed foods

Cutting down food to smaller helpings can help exceedingly. You can eat less food during a meal by drinking a glass of water before eating and drinking more water along with your meal. Water can make you feel full halfway through the meal and doesn’t have a single calorie.

Do limit the amount you consume

Drink lots of pure water as your body needs it to stave off dehydration. Water flushes toxins out of your system and helps in waste elimination.

Load up on raw fruits and vegetable, especially the dark green ones. Cooked vegetables lose part of their nutritive value so eating a salad everyday can help a lot. Most of your vitamins and minerals requirements can be derived from leafy green veggies and fresh fruits. Go organic if possible to avoid harmful chemicals and pesticides.

The combination of water and fiber from fruits and vegetables can keep your bowels moving. Think about this: a half cup of raspberries provides the same amount of fiber as 10 bran muffins.

Your best source for protein is meats like beef, turkey or chicken. Do limit the amount you consume per meal. You don’t have to finish a 12 oz piece of roast beef in one sitting. You can derive this nutrient from dairy and cheese but eat only small amounts as they take long to digest.

Stay away from sugar, sweet treats, junk food, sodas and processed foods. Nothing can make you gain weight faster and feel so sluggish than this food group. This doesn’t mean though that you can’t have some; just do so once in a while during your unavoidable cheat day; and only in small servings.

Find an exercise program that you are interested in and by all means stick to it. Any exercise regimen will pretty much help you shed pounds if you immerse yourself in it. You will see all those celebrities on TV selling you various types of exercise equipment, but at the end of the day, you know what truly appeals to you or not. You may just decide to pop in a DVD and exercise with it.

It can’t be emphasized enough that you need to stick to your diet and exercise program. Weight loss takes time and you may feel some disappointment at the start when you feel you are not getting any results. If you stay with it, you will eventually succeed and you will attain your desired weight and still have energy to burn.

Before going on any diet or exercise program, it is always advised to consult your doctor first.